Drywall Repair

Part of being a painting company is being able to work with the sheetrock in your home. So if you ever encounter any damage to your drywall, call the experts at RS Painting and we can get it patched up and repainted so you’ll never know the hole was there in the first place.

Minor Dry Rot Repair

Exposed wood, when met with water, can start eating away at the structural integrity of the wood underneath and leaves a very unappealing blemish on your exteriors. If you encounter anything like this it’s time to call the experts at RS Painting and get it treated immediately.

Fence Painting and Staining

A well painted fence can give a bold appearance to the yard around your house and keeping it well treated can prevent the elements from wearing away at the life of your fence. RS Painting can handle any outdoor paint job and has been serving Oakland, Concord, Brentwood and Walnut Creek for over 15 years.

Crown Molding

Crown molding can really finish off your already painted and decorated space, but doing it yourself requires a lot of time, measuring, cutting, gluing, and isn’t guaranteed to come out looking like what you saw on Pinterest. However, when you hire RS Painting, we have the materials and expertise required to make your ceilings pop.